Tuesday, July 21, 2009


July 21, 2009
hey everybody, we are so behind in updating but dont you worry Reagan will be here anyday now(at least we hope)! The count down has been on for awhile and we are so ready for her to be here with us. I am 39 weeks today and have been dilating and effacing(good thing, body is getting ready for her arrival) so all we are doing is waiting. I am going to the doc today so i will let everybody know what he says later!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reagan's 4D Ultrasound(30 weeks) and really GROWING!!

May 19th!! I am officially HUGE, well actually it is Reagan. We had another ultrasound today and learned that she weighs a whopping 3lbs 7ozs!! Everything went well and is still looking good. We are in the home stretch and she is going to be here before we know it! Check out some of her pics--she is already quite fond of sucking her thumb!
Reagan already has a bad habit. She is sucking her thumb. We could see her cheeks moving in and out.She looks like she is yawning in this pic.

She appears to be laughing or smiling.

Back to thumb sucking again.

Good profile pic. Looks like she has chubby cheeks.

Friday, May 8, 2009

28 weeks and GROWING!!

Friday May 8, 2009

I am 28 weeks plus a few days and that means I am offically in the 3rd trimester!! HOME STRETCH is here, although everyone says this is the longest trimester!! I had a doc appt yesterday and everything is still checking out great. Her heart rate was 141! which is perfect. We are going to the doc again in a few weeks and we are going to have a 4D ultrasound. Hopefully we will get a good look at her and also double check and make sure she is still a girl:)!! It's been awhile since we've updated and I have some pics from the beach and a couple of good shots of my expanding belly bump. It has gotten so big!! But since I am not computer savvy, I will be bugging Jed to do that part!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29, 2009(23 week belly)

It is official-I am really expanding and Reagan is growing! I don't feel like I look like this-but I guess it is inevitable. She has also developed into a wiggle worm. I think she is already practicing her kicks for soccer-she is so strong. Jed was able to feel her for the first time last week. He was intrigued by how much and how strong she was kickin' and movin'. I find myself laying on the couch or in the bed with my hand on my stomach waiting for a kick or a movement. The nursery is coming along beautifully, all the furniture is up and in full function. Jed and his dad(Joe) get all the credit. They picked it up and moved it up the stairs-it is very heavy furniture. The bedding is just what I wanted and I have had her name made in wooden letters and am working on painting them and am going to hang them by ribbon. I'll post pics when done! We are back to the doctor next week and we'll let you know how things go. That will be my 24week check-up. After the appt I am headed to Knoxville for a much overdue visit and some shopping with my mom and sis.
Love, Julie, Jed, Snicks, Chance, and MO MO!

Ultrasounds x2!! March 13th and 16th

Reagan with her legs out straight.

Measuring Reagans belly.

Measuring her head.

Her heart rate was 150.

Measuring the length of her legs.

Reagan Marie Earls!!!!

Hi everybody, finally updating-we have been having some computer issues and have fallen behind. Most everybody probably heard we went Friday March 13th for the anatomy ultrasound. We saw all important anatomy except for between the legs. Dr. Cimino tried very hard to get the baby to move, unfortunately he did not have all day for the baby to cooperate! So we left knowing that everything is progressing well and development is right on target and with another appointment to come back Monday to look between the legs.
So on Monday March 16th we headed back to the office with a large Coke in hand. I drank it hoping the caffeine would get our stubborn bellybean moving. It kinda worked--still the ultrasound tech spent over 45mins with us, she moved me in everyway, poking and pleading with the baby to move. Finally SHE kicked a leg out! Yep-that's right!-IT'S A GIRL!! Getting the ultrasounds were really fun. It was so incredible to see how she has grown-it is a truly amazing miracle. We have decided on a name that we both love-Reagan Marie Earls! We can't wait to meet her and welcome her to our family. Now let the shopping extravaganza begin! Love, Julie, Jed, Snicks, Chance and Mo Mo

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Tuesday March 3, 09 (19 weeks)
Here is my bump that is growing! and a peek at the bedding and crib! we are thrilled with it! The bedding is just what i had in mind and i stumbled across it on a random shopping trip(imagine that)! Next update-the gender! BOY? or GIRL? hopefully we will know march 13th!
LOVE, Julie, Jed, Mo Mo, Snickers, and Chance!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Feb. 16th

Today I talked with the nurse at my doc's office and we scheduled the anatomy ultrasound. It is set for March 13th! The count down has begun, and what was I thinking when I was thinking of waiting till delivery to find out the sex! CRAZY IDEA! I think Jed is even more impatient than I am, he is so excited about finding out! Bye! Love, Julie, Jed, Snickers, Chance, Mo Mo.!